15 Hints & tips to get your iPads in the classroom started

Getting iPads in your classroom?
Here are some ideas to help you get started:

The devices have the most impact in the hands of learners, not teachers, however training for staff is imperative, expecting staff to use the devices to support learning because they are familiar with the devices as a personal device doesn’t work.

With your Apps, less is more to begin with, and cross curriculuar creative apps are a great place to start.

Good quality cases are a good investment, as are screen protectors.

20140225-063808.jpgExcellent Wifi infrastructure is important, if you don’t have one, get one!

The more devices you have the better! 1 to 1 will give you the most impact, but shared devices can also deliver excellent results. If you only have 1 iPad in the classroom, you can still do great things!

If you have a class set of devices, allow them to be booked out individually, rather than as a set: Splitting them between classrooms can make it harder for whole class activities.

Apple TV, Reflector or AirServer are worth their weight in gold, and give the teacher the ability to teach from within the classroom. Very handy!

Allow the pupils to lead the technology, and the teachers to lead their subject. Teachers are not necessarily tech experts, but pupils are tech experts. Allowing the pupils the freedom to lead with technology and the teachers to support the subject makes a great combination and can be very empowering for both pupil and teacher!

A Mac, VPP, Apple Configurator essential.

MDM useful, but not always necessary (depending upon your school setup)

Start the rollout by enthusing and engaging your teaching staff.

How iPads or improving behaviourGetting work off the device is not always so straightforward. A self-hosted WordPress website can go a long way, and extend ICT capabilities beyond the iPad and the classroom.

Addding QR Codes to a WordPress website extends capabilities even further.

Policy for getting Apps onto devices essential (who is responsible, when apps can be added and by whom) – Too many staff with the power to purchase and deploy Apps onto devices can get very messy very quickly!

Embed eSafety right from the start, when I introduce iPads into school, the camera is a great starting place: It teaches about handling the device, appropriate use of photography and if you can AirPlay with the camera open makes the device seem magical in the first instance!

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