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Alex Findlay: Apple Distinguished Educator

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<p>Findlay, AlexAlex Findlay, ICT Advisor is the driving force behind The ICT Advisors. Alex is a Secondary Qualified specialist ICT teacher, and who has spent the past seven years working as an ICT advisor for two Local Authorities. He provides expert ICT advice for Primary and Secondary schools from curriculum support to the procurement, deployment of technology into schools. He also delivers high quality professional development for staff, and captivating lessons for children.

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Alex is also an Apple Distinguished Educator, and has specialised in supporting schools who wish to deploy Apple Technology into school. The Apple Distinguished Educator award is in recognition for the work that Alex has done developing the use of iPads and the iPod Touch in schools. The Apple Distinguished Educator program is run and supported by Apple. Alex is one of less than 200 Apple Distinguished Educators in the UK, and of approximately 2000 worldwide. Find out more about the Apple Distinguished Educator Program here.

Working with primary and secondary schools he has developed innovative ways of using technology for teaching ICT across the curriculum. During his time as an ICT advisor for both Wirral and Stockport Local Authorities, he has built up a large network of ICT experts in education with the same expectation of ensuring the curriculum drives the ICT and not the other way around.

His ICT advice always aims to support schools to embed and develop ICT across the curriculum by providing expert ICT advice and then applying a sustainable implementation plan to ensure the technology goes into the classroom to support the schools’ aims as well as that of the teacher and the learner.

For more ICT advice, you can follow Alex on Twitter @theICTadvisor or you can get in touch directly via the contact page.

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