Apple vs Android in the Primary School

Over the past few years, the introduction of mobile technology into schools has grown substantially.

iPads in the classroomWith budgets tight, schools are always seeking the best value for money solution, and whilst Apple products are certainly the most accepted in schools, the question always arises: what of the other systems?

Currently the possible solutions are between Apple and Android. Microsoft have yet to make an impact with Mobile Technology in the education sector. Apple products are premium products, and some Android devices are cheaper so it’s only natural that schools ask the question: Why should I pay a premium for an Apple device, when Android devices can do the same. Which is the best value for money solution?

nexus 7Value for money does not necessarily mean the cheapest. Value for money means, which devices will integrate easily into school? Which devices are easy to manage? Which devices provide better and cheaper Apps for use in the classroom? Which devices will last the longest? All of these will have a cost implication in the longer term.

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