Getting Started with your iPad- Adding photos and videos to your emails

With the iPad, adding photos and videos is so simple.

Here’s how to do it quicker than it takes to read this blog post!


Compose email



Open the Mail App and tap the ‘Compose’ button to start a new message.





Add image to email


If you tap inside the empty body of your message, a popover menu will appear. Select ‘insert Photo or Video.’





select image to add to email


You can then choose the photo or video from the Camera Roll or Photo Stream. Tap the thumbnail of the Media you what to add and it will appear in a preview window.




use image in email



Select ‘Use’ to add it into your email.






The image or video will now appear inside your email message. Repeat the same steps to add more media to the email.



cut image from email


If you change your mind, you can delete the image by tapping and holding on the image. A popover menu will appear and you need to select ‘Cut.’




send image in email-4


When you finished your image selections, tap ‘Send.’






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