Getting started with your iPad- iPad Accessories

There are plenty of great accessories that will enhance your iPad experience. Here are a few ideas for what may be useful when you are just getting started with your shiny new iPad.

Your iPad is an expensive device that you want to take care of to ensure it stays in the best condition.The QDOS case protects the iPad from damage but also has the added functionality of a stand.


There are also 360˚ rotating cases available if you want to turn your ipad from landscape to portrait easily whilst using the stand.

iPad case 360 Rotating

Styluses are really useful when you require a bit more precision. This one by Adonit is great for writing and sketching.


The new iPad now includes voice dictation so if your writing needs are light, your best bet is to wait on a keyboard until your find out if voice dictation will cover your needs. But for heavy writers a physical keyboard is the perfect accessory to pair with the iPad.



The iPad provides great high quality sound but the earphones that come in the box are not the most comfortable or produce the best sound quality. Some on the ear headphones are the best solution. The AKG K451 headphone are great value for money and really portable.



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