Getting Started with an iPad- Privacy Settings

Your iPad contains a huge amount of personal details including addresses and phone numbers and emails. You may use your iPad to log on to an internet banking site too so you need to make sure your device is as secure as it can be.



Firstly, it is definitely worth installing the Find my iPhone app if the feature isn’t already on your new device. If you lose you iPad, this feature will locate it for you and help re-unite you with your beloved friend.













The privacy settings can be found in the Settings App.








seeking permission



Once you are in the Privacy section, you can select an App and see which other Apps have requested access.









location services



If you tap on Location Services, you will be told which Apps have requested your location.









bluetooth privacy



Apps that want to share your info via Bluetooth appear here. These can share data even when you are not using them so its worth checking this regularly.











Within the privacy setting, you can access control over advertisers’  ability to use tracking methods.









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