Getting Started with you iPad- Safari Reader

Safari makes browsing the web a real delight, its innovative interface and elements such as tabbed pages and Reading List make surfing the web pretty effortless.

There is also a function called Reader which is enables you to read stuff on the net free from annoying ad banners and links.

If you access a page that can benefit form the Reader function, to the left of the URL/Search area, there is an icon with 4 horizontal lines. Tap that icon to toggle Reader and enjoy a reading experience free from clutter. To return to the original format, simple hit the ‘Reader’ icon again.

Here’s a breakdown of how it works….

Make sure you are on the latest software update. The Reader function only works from iOS 5 onwards.

News website43




Launch Safari and start browsing, Keep checking the address bar for a ‘Reader’ icon to appear.








Reader icon PNG



When you find a page with the four horizontal lines  icon, tap on the icon to transform the page into the clutter free, easy-read format.








Safari Reader




This is what your screen will look like. Clever stuff!








Reader add to reading list



It’s easy to add the page to your reading list to access it easily later. Tap on the share icon and choose “Add to Reading List”






To return to orignal format, simply tap the ‘Reader’ icon again.


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