Getting Started with your iPad- using Pages

Pages is an essential app for your iPad! You can create rich documents with pictures graphs, tables and charts as well as just text.It also works with the iCloud storage system and is compatible with Microsoft Word too.


Pages Icon



To get started, click on the orange icon to open up Pages.








Welcome to Pages



You will see this smart looking welcome message.








Pages- get Started



Tap on ‘Create a Document’ at the bottom right of the page.







Pages- new document



Once you see this screen, simply tap on the screen to begin.











You can simply select a blank document (portrait or landscape) or you can use one of the handy and well-laid out templates.







Pages- editing



Editing the document is easy- simply tap on the paintbrush to edit to your requirements.








Pages- document setup



To adjust the setup of the document or add in images, tap on the the spanner icon.







Pages- documanet setup 2



Tap on the plus icon at the top right hand corner of the screen to add in an image from your Camera Roll.








Pages- add image



Choose your image from here.








Pages- sharing



To share the document, tap on the Share icon on right of screen.







PAges sharing 2



Select ‘Send a Copy’ then you can email the document easily from here.







PAges sharing 3



When sharing, if you choose ‘open in another App’ some more options for are available.








PAges sharing 4



If you save as a pdf, for example, yo can use your document within some other really cool Apps such as ‘Creative Book Builder’ or ‘Explain Everything.’



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