How to lock the iPad to a single app

How to lock the ipad to a single app

iOS 6 allows you to lock the iPad to a single app, thus preventing users from accessing other apps. A great way to ensure pupils remain on the app that you want!

lock the ipad to a single appThis feature is called ‘Guided Access’ and you will find it by going to

Settings : General : Accessibility : Guided Access

Ensure that the Triple Click Home is set to Guided Access



lock the ipad to a single appYou will need switch the function on, and then set a passcode (make a note of it!)

Once this has been done, load the app you wish to lock the device to, then triple click the home button. You will now have 3 choices:

Options: Allows you to turn off the touch sensitivity and the motion sensors

Drawing a circle on the screen will also allow you to disable certain parts of the screen.

Start: This will lock the app and the features you have added.

To unlock the Guided Access lock, triple click again, enter the Pin then choose End.

This also applies to any device using iOS 6.

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