Moodle: ICT Across the curriculum

Moodle: Supporting ICT across the curriculum

Moodle is a website that offers many tools for teachers that support teaching and learning, and delivering ICT across the curriculum in a way that your pupils may not have experienced before. There are many tools available on a Moodle that support all areas of the curriculum. The lastest version of Moodle allows dragging and dropping files onto your page. No more fussy uploading!

Moodle gives teachers the ability to:


  • Post links to websites for pupils to access in class or at home. A great way to get your KS1 pupils to a website quickly!
  • Upload and share documents (Word, PowerPoint, Flip Charts or any other digital file!) Sharing documents couldn’t be any easier! No more following complicate paths to find a file on your school network.

    Moodle Support: ICT Across the curriculum

  • Create photo galleries. Share with your parents and carers what goes on in a school day, or show off great examples of work your children have done. Not to forget using the galleries to allow your children to recount their school trip.
  • Create collaborative Wikis for pupils to build their own encyclopaedias. One of the best collaborative tools available. Imagine if all of your support resources were built by your children!
  • Discuss and respond in a forum. The forums are a great way of engaging all of your children. Some of our quietest pupils, who are reluctant to answer in class can find that answering the teacher from behind the keyboard gives them a new found voice.
  • Any many other exciting teaching tools
  • Support ICT across the curriculum

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