ICT and iPad ICT Scheme of Work

Looking for a new ICT or an iPad ICT Scheme of work?

The iPad ClassroomThe ICT Advisors specialise in developing an ICT or an iPad ICT scheme of work that fits your school, your teachers and your learners. Whilst it is possible to purchase an ‘off the shelf’ scheme of work, how will it fit in with your current curriculum? Do you have the technology to deliver a new off-the-shelf ICT Scheme of Work? Are you staff confident they can deliver the curriculum? The introduction of iPads into schools are changing the shape of ICT, and existing schemes do not always transfer to an Apple iPad deployment with ease.

As an Apple Distinguished Educator, Alex Findlay can help you to make the most of your Apple iPad deployment, and demonstrate how to integrate and embed ICT, as well as deliver ICT, across your curriculum.

The ICT Advisors work 1-to-1 with you and your school to develop an ICT and iPad ICT scheme of work that is deliverable, sustainable and most of all tailored to your specific needs.

Time for innovation - ICT scheme of work

We are experts in finding simple ways of introducing ICT into curriculum with advice on how to make the very best of free open source software, and value for money ICT equipment.

If you are looking for a new ICT or iPad ICT Scheme of work, Contact us for more information on how we can help you change your current scheme and make the very best of your current technology for your learners.