iPad Acceptable Use Policy

iPad Aceptable Use Policy

Although many schools have a good ICT Acceptable Use Policy, the introduction of iPads and other handheld devices is a great time to revisit your current policy. Bringing in a new policy will also re-focus staff and pupils on your policy.

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iPad Acceptable Use Policy (and iPod Touch) for School

The policies, procedures and information within this document applies to all iPads, iPod Touches or any other IT handheld device used in school. Teachers and other school staff may also set additional requirements for use within their classroom.

Users Responsibilities

Users must use protective covers/cases for their iPad. The iPad screen is made of glass and therefore is subject to cracking and breaking if misused: Never drop nor place heavy objects (books, laptops, etc.) on top of the iPad. Only a soft cloth or approved laptop screen cleaning solution is to be used to clean the iPad screen. Do not subject the iPad to extreme heat or cold. Do not store or leave unattended in vehicles. Users may not photograph any other person, without that persons’ consent. The iPad is subject to routine monitoring by XXXX School. Devices must be surrendered immediately upon request by any member of staff. Users in breach of the Responsible Use Policy may be subject to but not limited to; disciplinary action, confiscation, removal of content or referral to external agencies in the event of illegal activity. XXXX School is not responsible for the financial or other loss of any personal files that may be deleted from an iPad.

Additional Responsibilities for Pupils

If an iPad is left at home or is not charged, the user remains responsible for completing all schoolwork as if they had use of their iPad. Malfunctions or technical issues are not acceptable excuses for failing to complete school work, unless there is no other means of completion. Pupils must not use their iPad in School corridors on their journeys to and from school or outside of School buildings (unless with the Teachers’ permission). Pupils in breach of the Responsible Use Policy may be subject to but not limited to; disciplinary action, confiscation, removal of content or referral to external agencies in the event of illegal activity. In the event of any disciplinary action, the completion of all class work remains the responsibility of the pupil.

Safeguarding and Maintaining as an Academic Tool

iPad batteries are required to be charged and be ready to use in school. Syncing the iPad to iTunes or iCloud will be maintained by a School administrator. Items deleted from the iPad cannot be recovered. Memory space is limited. Academic content takes precedence over personal files and apps. The whereabouts of the iPad should be known at all times. It is a user’s responsibility to keep their iPad safe and secure. iPads belonging to other users are not to be tampered within any manner. If an iPad is found unattended, it should be given to the nearest member of staff.


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Lost, Damaged or Stolen iPad

If the iPad is lost, stolen, or damaged, the ICT Technicians/Network Manager/Head Teacher must be notified immediately. iPads that are believed to be stolen can be tracked through iCloud.

Prohibited Uses (not exclusive):

Accessing Inappropriate Materials – All material on the iPad must adhere to the ICT Responsible Use Policy. Users are not allow to send, access, upload, download or distribute offensive, threatening, pornographic, obscene, or sexually explicit materials. Illegal Activities – Use of the school’s internet/e-mail accounts for financial or commercial gain or for any illegal activity. Violating Copyrights – Users are not allowed to have music and install apps on their iPad. Cameras – Users must use good judgment when using the camera. The user agrees that the camera will not be used to take inappropriate, illicit or sexually explicit photographs or videos, nor will it be used to embarrass anyone in any way. Any use of camera in toilets or changing rooms, regardless of intent, will be treated as a serious violation. Images of other people may only be made with the permission of those in the photograph. Posting of images/movie on the Internet into a public forum is strictly forbidden, without the express permission of the Teacher or in the case of staff use; a member of the Senior Leadership team. Use of the camera and microphone is strictly prohibited unless permission is granted by a teacher. Misuse of Passwords, Codes or other Unauthorised Access: Users are encouraged to set a passcode on their iPad to prevent other users from misusing it. Any user caught trying to gain access to another user’s accounts, files or data will be subject to disciplinary action. Malicious Use/Vandalism – Any attempt to destroy hardware, software or data will be subject to disciplinary action. Jailbreaking – Jailbreaking is the process of which removes any limitations placed on the iPad by Apple. Jailbreaking results in a less secure device and is strictly prohibited. Inappropriate media may not be used as a screensaver or background photo. Presence of pornographic materials, inappropriate language, alcohol, drug or gang related symbols or pictures will result in disciplinary actions. Individual users are responsible for the setting up and use of any home internet connections and no support will be provided for this by the school. Users should be aware of and abide by the guidelines set out by the School eSafety policy. XXXX School reserves the right to confiscate and search an iPad to ensure compliance with this Responsible Use Policy.


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Adult Users must read and sign below:   I have read, understand and agree to abide by the terms of the iPad Acceptable Use Policy.   Name Signature Date   Please read the iPad Acceptable Use Policy below: Student Pledge for iPad Use I will take good care of my iPad. I will never leave the iPad unattended. I will never lend my iPad to others. I will know where my iPad is at all times. I will charge my iPad’s battery every night I will keep food and drinks away from my iPad since they may cause damage to the device. I will not disassemble any part of my iPad or attempt any repairs. I will protect my iPad by only carrying it whilst it is in a case. I will use my iPad in ways that are appropriate. I understand that my iPad is subject to inspection at any time without notice. I will only photograph people with their permission. I will only use the camera or the microphone when my teacher tells me to. I will never share any images or movies of people in a public space on the Internet, unless I am asked to do so by my Teacher. I agree to abide by the statements of this iPad acceptable use policy If you are about to develop the use of iPads or iPods in your school, let us help you make the most out of your investment. Contact Alex for more information.


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