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iPads in EYFS: ICT across the Curriculum

Puppet Pals: ICT Across the curriculum

My normal stance on the development of iPads in the classroom is not to focus attention on Apps, but to start off the iPad journey with the inbuilt Apps. A pupil who has a camera, a microphone, the internet, a dictionary, and a note taking device does not need a billion Apps in order to start making great use of the iPad to support ICT across the curriculum.

However, having worked with EYFS pupils, I find that it is all about the Apps. Pupils in the  EYFS lack the skills to use the iPads to be creative, even when using some great Apps like Puppet Pals to create or re-tell stories. Some of the more able pupils in foundation are able to create narratives, but many prefer to explore other uses for the iPad.

The following are a few great Apps to get going in EYFS.

ABC Pocket Phonics: ICT Across the CurriculumPocketPhonics: There is a lite version of this, but go straight for paid version (£1.99). You can allocate up to 5 logins for each ipad, so you don’t need one iPad for each pupil to make use of this great revision tool for letter recognition & formation App.


Maths: ICT Across the CurriculumMonkey Maths School Sunshine: a fun App for revising maths. Very friendly and cheap (£0.69). What I like about this app (apart from the catchy tune) is that you can’t get the answer wrong.



Paint: ICT Across the curriculumThere are lots of painting apps, but a favourite of the classes I work with is Paint Sparkles. Free to use, with some in-App purchases that give children more pages to colour in.



Me Books: ICT Across the curriculumI’m sure many of you will remember the Ladybird Classic Me Books. Whilst they are perhaps a little outdated, the books are faithful reproductions of the ‘Read it Yourself’ series. The story is narrated, but you can also re-record and narrate the story yourself, or perhaps the children might be able to do if for themselves?!

There are many flavours of iPad rollout, and if you are considering, or have already started your rollout of iPads for ICT across the curriculum, don’t hesitate to get in touch for impartial expert ICT advice.

Update: Collins Big Cat eBooks also graet in EYFS: Read here


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