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 iPads in the classroom: iPhoneography

As a professional photographer I have been using my iPhone more and more, and my DSLR less in the pursuit of my personal photography.

However being used to lots of control over my photography with my DSLR, I have found it hard to completely move to using  just my iPhone for my family photos however, @Billfrakes, recommended three apps to improve my iPhoneography. Having had a month of using the apps, my iPhone photos have improved beyond recognition, and these are apps I will bringing into the classroom and my photography workshops.

These are now my apps of choice for using iPads in the classroom for photography:

iPads in the Clssroom: iPhoneographyiPads in the classrooomTrueHDR: (iTunes Link) This is a simple but great app that takes multiple photos of a scene and then combines them to have photos with vibrant colours. Often when you take a photo, some areas will either be very dark or very light, TrueHDR photos both the light and dark areas, combines them to give you great skies, and great scenes. However the objects need to be still, so this is no good for photographing anything that is moving. It also requires you to keep still whilst it takes the multiple exposures. However hand steady is enough, and the results are excellent.



iPads in the classroomProCamera is an App to use when your subjects are moving. For those of you who are familiar with shooting on a DSLR, this will feel more like a proper camera, with information such as the shutter speed, ISO and image stabilisation options, however if you use it as a point and shoot it is far superior to the inbuilt camera app. There are plenty of other options such as Rapidfire mode, ISO Boost, and Expert mode to lock focus and exposure. It also handles video too!


snapseedOnce you have taken your photo, then Snapseed is a perfect tool to do some post photo editing, with plenty of editing options, such as crop, colour adjustment, straighten, tilt shift and other lighting effects. What I like about these filters is they are completely adjustable, unlike many apps that just apply a one setting filter. You can have plenty of control over your images to really enhance them.

Examples of photos taken & edited:

iPads in the classroom  iPads in the classroom


iPads in the classroom  iPads in the classroom


iPads in the classroom  iPads in the classroom

What I like the most about these apps is the immediacy of the edit. To get these kinds of results from my DSLR takes a lot of time and effort, the iOS apps make it quick and easy!

If you are looking for help and inspiration for your iPads in the classroom deployment, contact us!


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