Moodle and The Curriculum

Moodle and the Curriculum.

The ICT Advisors Moodle in school

Learn how to get the very best and most from your Moodle VLE!

The ICT Advisors are experts in accurately combining the tools of Moodle and the curriculum, your staffs’ abilities and the technology you already have in place.

Learn how to use the Moodle to:

Support literacy, and encourage boys writing.

Build your very own ‘Wikipedia’ and share with your whole school.

Create Forums to discuss homework, you’d be surprised at how much pupils want to complete their homework online!

Write a class blog and engage your parents.

Survey your pupils and parents about any changes you with consult on, without having to collate the paper responses.

Have a virtual display board for your topics, which also allow your staff to gather their digital resources in one place.

Write a book review, and ask fellow pupils to comment upon your review.

Set and support homework, to stretch your most able pupils.

Engage Parents and Carers by giving them an insight into your classroom they would not normally have.

Create ePortfolios for pupils to display their latest work, allow your pupils to pass their work up from teacher to teacher throughout their school career.

Share photos and videos in a secure ‘walled garden’ Ensure you only share your school photos with your school community

And much more beyond….

Moodle in school is a one stop shop for embedding ICT into the curriculum. As there is no other purchase necessary, this makes Moodle in school a cost effective and sustainable solution to embedding ICT into your curriculum.

By combing your current technology, such as digital cameras and microphones, the Moodle staff will begin to use technology for learning effortlessly, and your pupils will engage in a manner in which they may not have done before.

The Moodle will also engage parents by becoming a window into their son or daughter’s school life.

If you want to do something different and are looking for new ideas for your current Moodle in school, contact us for information.

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