Moodle & Moodle Support from the ICT Advisors

The ICT Advisors Moodle SupportMoodle is a website that offers many tools for teachers which supports teaching and learning in a way that your pupils have not experienced before. There are many tools available on a Moodle that support all areas of the curriculum. The lastest version of Moodle allows dragging and dropping files onto your page. No more fussy uploading!


Moodle gives teachers the ability to:


  • Post links to websites for pupils to access in class or safely at home. A great way to get your KS1 pupils to a website quickly!
  • Upload and share documents (Word, PowerPoint, Flip Charts or any other digital file!) Sharing documents couldn’t be any easier! No more following complicated paths to find a file on your school network.

    Teaching and learning: Moodle Support

  • Create photo galleries. Share with your parents and carers what goes on in a school day, or show off great examples of work your children have done. Not forgetting using the galleries to allow your children to recount their school trip.
  • Create collaborative Wikis for pupils to build their own encyclopaedias. One of the best collaborative tools available. Imagine if all of your support resources were built by your children!
  • Discuss and respond in a forum. The forums are a great way of engaging all of your children. Some of our quietest pupils, who are reluctant to answer in class can find that answering the teacher from behind the keyboard gives them a new found voice.
  • And many other exciting teaching tools

Our Moodle Support

 Why Moodle?

There are many other VLE systems available however Moodle is open source, meaning the software is free. This makes Moodle one of the most sustainable VLE solutions available. Once your Moodle is up and running, the hosting is the only price you need to pay, and we offer value-for-money hosting packages designed to meet your needs.There is a large Moodle community already sharing. Discover more here on the official website. .

 Not sure if Moodle will benefit your school?

 Over the past 5 years, we have supported many schools develop their VLE solution. The key to success lies in ensuring your Moodle will support your curriculum, your schools’ and your staffs’ aims. Our Moodle support has that sole aim. Many VLE providers focus on  the technology and not the learning. The ICT Advisors approach puts the learner first.

 Already have a Moodle?

We can provide Moodle support for your existing Moodle. We can provide administrative Moodle support for your Moodle lead, as well as curriculum support for your whole staff, either in the classroom or after school. Maximising the use of your Moodle is our speciality!

 The Complete Moodle Package

We offer the complete Moodle support solution: A hosted Moodle built and themed to match your current web presence. Followed by full consultation to develop your rollout plan for your school. We provide enough training and further support to ensure your staff are confident Moodle users. Our tried and tested rollout programme works! Let the ICT Advisors focus on the technology whilst your staff concentrate on teaching and learning.