One iPad in the classroom: 10 Ideas

One iPad in the classrooom

You may be lucky enough to have one iPad in the classroom, but unlucky enough not to have access to a class set. iPad

Here are 10 free ideas to help you and your pupils get the very best out of the one iPad in the classroom.

Control your classroom computer:

There are many apps that will allow your iPad to become a wireless keyboard and mouse, allowing you to teach from anywhere in the classroom, or give your pupils control of the class computer from their desk. Air Mouse you will need to install some (free) software on your laptop/desktop computer

Note Taking

Use smartNote to make classroom notes. Pupils can then ‘write’ notes for the teacher to share back with the class. Pupils can also record audio record ideas or insert images to accompany explanations. Ask a pupil to become the ‘note maker’ for the day. smartnote

You can also use the Notes app for notetaking. What is great about Notes is that everything is searchable ,making it easy for for users to find content. Using shared devices? Add your name to your Notes so you can find them quickly.


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Mobile or Static Visualiser

If you have access to Apple TV, use your iPad as a mobile visualiser and share work on the board from anywhere in the classroom. You can also allow your pupils to explain their work. If you don’t have Apple TV but an iPad VGA connector, record the item/work/presetation anywhere in the classroom then hook up to your board and playback! You can also use a software solution such as Refector or AirServer, a cost effective way mirror your iPad on your projector.

Class Pets

Rather than have a class pet, have a class Dinosaur Farm with Doodle Dino Farm. Pupils can each take their turn to look after the pets on the Farm. Beware of the push notifications!

Share ideas

If you don’t have Apple TV or a VGA connector, you may still be able to share your ideas to the whiteboard. Air Sketch allows you to connect your iPad to your computer using your school wifi network.


Voicethread has become a well know app for pupils to share and collaborate. This free app allows you or your pupils to create, share, annotate and draw on pages/photos/videos to stimulate discussion.

Story Making & Telling

Story Wheel is an educational game. Players record a story by spinning a wheel to get a picture, and then narrate a portion of the story. When done, they can listen to the story with beautifully animated pictures.

A Globe or Google Earth

No classroom is complete without a globe. Globe for iPad is a free app that uses the usual iPad gestures to spin, zoom in and zoom out. You can also search for countries and Globe will ‘fly’ to that country.

Google Earth on the iPad is a great app for exploring too.

Creative Writing

Inspiring creative writing using Epic Citadel, a fantasy world with much to explore. Stunning views, intricate artwork and great detail. Plenty to stimulate writing!


Create and update, a class blog. A Self Hosted WordPress Blog (get one free here) site is also a great way to promote collaboration, and the iPad/iPhone App is really easy to use.
Share class news with parents really easily with a blog, and pupils can take it in turns to be the class blogger.

If you would like any more ideas for using one iPad in the classroom, contact us through our website, or tweet @theICTadvisor


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  • mrcowell

    If you want to blog with a shared iPad, the choice is a no brainer. Easy Blogger JR was specifically created by us (teachers) for exactly that situation. Try it. It’s the best app for lower school – blogging or otherwise. Full stop:)

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