The School IT Graveyard: Recycle your Old Technology

The School IT Graveyard: Recycle your old Technology

The development and continuous change of ICT within schools has, over the years, without doubt had a great impact on teaching and learning. There is however one question that rarely gets asked: What do we do with that nice piece of IT equipment that we bought 5 years ago that is now redundant and sat in a cupboard taking up valuable space?

What is the ‘shelf life’ of your old technology?

photoThere are companies who will come and remove old equipment, for a fee, however we prefer free solutions.

For schools (and companies) based in the UK, RTL (Website) is a computer recycling company based in the centre of Warrington and has been trading for four years. They will collect from anywhere in the country but prefer to collect from within a 40 mile radius of their Warrington warehouse.

They specialise in the refurbishment and resupply of redundant computer equipment of all types from laptops, base units and screens to printers.

Collection of items is FREE from all types of businesses (large and small), private individuals, schools, fire services, local authorities and other recycling companies. There are no minimum number items to qualify for the FREE collection.

When equipment is collected it is listed and checked to see whether it is suitable for refurbishment. Items that are unable to be refurbished are broken down for spares and these spares are used to refurbish other items.

All data is removed from hard drives on any of the devices collected so you can be sure that personal data remains that way.

RTL have a policy of zero waste and none of the equipment collected is sent to landfill and they attained the standards to fulfil ISO 9001 and 14001. (These standards show that procedures are in place to maintain our goals of refurbishment and zero waste).

Recycled and re-furbished Items are made available at a reasonable cost to school pupils, college students and the economically disadvantaged and they also works with charities to give them an alternative method of fund raising with a revenue return scheme.

RTL tries to be a one-stop-shop to help with all types of recycling so if they are unable to recycle it they will know someone who does!

So why not check your cupboards, dig out the old IT equipment and contact RTL to clear some extra space in your cupboards! You will find them at:

Recycle Technology Ltd
12c Warrington Central Trading Estate
Bewsey Road

01925 242223
07889 952685



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