Stop Animation Workshops

Stop Animation Workshops

Nothing makes learning more effective, engaging or long lasting than a real hands-on, exciting and up to date project.

Stop frame animation is the art of taking a series of photographs of 2D or 3D forms and combining them with easy to use software and hardware to create a real movie. Just like flipping through a picture book, it creates a moving image.

Stop frame animation is an excellent cross-curricular approach. Bring science to life with a working film of the food chain, the eco-system or the water cycle. Enliven your PSHE time with cartoon or clay models that each child can create and script to bring a discussion to reality. Show how maths and English scenarios are part of life when shown in a moving 3D film that the children have made, are re-enact the Blitz for your World War 2 topic.

The ICT Advisors stop animation workshops work with your staff and children to supply them with all of the knowledge they need to make their own film by helping to plan their lesson and ensure that both teachers and pupils are fully prepared for their day of filming. We can provide all of the equipment from plasticine to cameras and tripods or we can work with the resources that you already have. Your staff will then be fully prepared to run their own stop frame animation sessions in the future.

Without the need for expensive equipment, this stop animation workshop opens up a whole new dimension of learning. It then costs nothing to store, doesn’t take up half of your stock cupboard and can be kept and shared forever. Future proof learning!

Have a look at some of the work produced in our stop animation workshops, and contact us if you would like to discuss how stop amination can support your curriculum!

Look at our Food Chain Stop Animation: ICT Across the Curriculum at its very best

The Food Chain

The Iron Man – Year 1